Korean EDISON Tongue Scraper / Cleaner


We all know how hard to keep children's oral hygienic, this super colorful and cute lollipop design definitely help your children willing to clean their tongue.  It comes with a case holder that shaped like the lollipop wrapper, add the cuteness to it.

Use this cleaner everynight or every other night along with our Toothpaste-Free Children Toothbrush.

  • The cleaner effectively eliminates bacteria and tongue fur that cause cavities and bad breathe in the mouth.  Studies show 75% of bad breath compounds are removed by regular tongue cleaning
  • Removes bacteria and soft plaque
  • Comes in 4 colors for family member identification 
  • Pre-curved shaped scraper gives precise control helps & reduces the gag reflex
  • Clean oral benefits health and prevent sickness
  • Comes with a super cute lollipop designed case holder, that shaped like a wrapper.  
  • Used and recommended by dentists and hygienists
  • Suitable for 1yr+


$14.00 CAD

Hurry - only 2 left!.

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