Summer Fun Beach Blanket/Towel - Cupcake

Bigmouth Inc.

Nom Nom Nom Nom…

A delicious dessert when it’s as hot as a desert? Our humongous Cupcake Beach Blanket lets you enjoy both—without getting gritty sand in your teeth. It sits 5 feet across, letting you soak up some rays or towel off after a quick dip. Plus, the storage pouch makes a great beach tote.

  • 5 feet wide and ultra-soft
  • perfect for the beach, pool, lake—even the bath
  • back side makes a great beach towel
  • the original! often imitated, but never equaled in quality
  • your dentist won’t care if you have one
  • fun for all ages
  • Available in Single Pack, Pack of 2 & Pack of 4
  • Check out our COMBO VALUE PACK to collect 4 different styles of your choice.

$31.50 CAD $35.00 CAD

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